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Why should I select Travellers Mailbag for my box service?
We try to make your experience with us as positive as possible! We’ll cull out junk mail for you, call when the check you’ve been waiting for finally arrives – whatever we’re legally able to do to ensure a good, mutually respectful, people-oriented business relationship.

Once I sign up with you, how soon will my mail start arriving at Travellers Mailbag?
Typically mail starts arriving between 5 to 10 days after the start date of your USPS change of address card.

What time does the mail arrive at Travellers Mailbag?
The mail usually arrives between 11AM and 1PM, and takes several hours to distribute. Priority is given to first class mail.

When can I pick up my mail?
Anytime between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. on week days, and 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Can I receive special deliveries at Travellers Mailbag?
Yes, we sign for both packages and mail (except certified) delivered by the US Postal Service, as well as items shipped by DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other services.

I need to ship a package, can you do this?
Yes, we post mail and packages/boxes via the US Postal Service, DHL and occasionally through FedEx.

Can you forward my mail to an out-of-town location?
Yes, as long as there’s a mail service that delivers in your area.

I’m going to be traveling/living abroad for an extended period of time. Can I still get a mailbox with you?
Absolutely! For clients in your situation, we offer the Traveller Box for holding and/or forwarding your mail as requested.

What happens if I’ll be out of town for more than a month and can’t pick up my mail?
If you have a Personal Pick-Up Box with us, we will simply add a $5.00 “Traveller” fee for each month we’ll be holding your mail for you.

Can a friend or family member pick up my mail for me?
Yes, as long as you tell us the person’s name and he or she shows us proper ID.

Can I send or receive Faxes at Travellers Mailbag?
Yes! Please remember that we do charge for the service (check out “Pricing”).

When does the bill for my box arrive, and when is it due?
If you owe money on your account, your bill is placed in your box on the first of the month and is due by the 10th. If you're out of town, we'll e-mail your current balance to you.

Do you have a preference on how you’re paid?
Yes — We accept cash, money orders, and checks (no credit cards at this time).

What should I do if I have to cancel service?
Please give us 30 days' notice. To assist the transition we’ll provide a Change of Address List to help you inform all of your important contacts of your address change.

If we’ve missed one of your questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail — and thanks for checking out The Travellers Mailbag website!


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